Thursday, November 14, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Tree

Five Minute Friday"> Five Minute Friday: Tree Come on over & join in this blog for today.... lots of writings on Tree... I had planned to not stay up tonight & only join in if I got a chance later on Friday.... but here I am up despite having a very busy planned out for tomorrow (including very hopeful for a good nap before working all night Fri. night)..... guess stayed in night shift mode all week this week.... last week was sleep sleep.... some weeks need sleep more than anything & others need "alone" time.... in God's Word & just relaxing as well! But I have to admit when I saw this week's WORD: TREE, I got very excited... I have been somewhat obsessed & mesmerized by the  "Tree" and how it is seen in God's Word from the beginning to the end.... so here goes, my thoughts on the Tree....

In the Beginning, God created a perfect world & He said "it is good!".... Man & God were in perfect communion. Adam & Eve lived in the garden and were able to eat of all except one tree, "Tree of knowledge of Good & Evil" and they were able to eat of the "Tree of Life".... they had it all, the best food in plenty, God's presence, peace, NO SIN..... But at the tree temptation entered and sin took it's hold & Eve choose to eat of the "Tree of Knowledge" & Adam participated as well.... they choose to disobey God & now our perfect created earth bears the mark of sin & we are all born sinners.... this was the FALL which shows man's total depravity......

The Tree is talked about all through Scripture.... Ceremonial sacrifices and so much more...

One passage that really stands out to me is Psalm 1: that talks about "Believers" being like trees planted along side a river and these trees bear fruit each season without fail! (v.3) Their leaves do not wither and in all they do they prosper! I think about this passage often & how this should look in our lives and how we should be like these trees described by God.... planted beside the river.... fed & nourished by the Living Word of God and here we may bear fruit and our leaves will not wither but in all we do in Christ will prosper!!! I picture a man (Christ--the bridegroom) & a woman (myself-the bride) sitting by my tree along the river holding on to each other, hand in hand, being guided through life..... I have pictured this man (Jesus, our savior) standing by that tree hands out, waiting for me to return when I think I can do things on my own or when I choose sins and selfish idols over Him.... I'm still a believer but one that fights battles against the flesh... but over & over again I learn that this battle can only be won in His Arms by that river... only then can others see the Gospel lived out in me as my tree (my life) bears fruit without fail! Because I am His, when I look or pull away, He waits... He loves me (like Hosea once loved).... He calls & draws me near..... He reminds me of His grace & love and at the tree I learn how to be the tree who bears fruit!!!

Okay, my time is up.... but I really do think about that often.... I can even sense when I need to draw near, sense Him standing at that tree calling me home... He promises to never leave nor forsake Me! Praise God because it is I who tends to pull away.... to go at life on my own... not basking in His promises.... but when I draw from that river at my tree I am able to glean from His promises in His Holy Word and grow and walk this life arm & arm with my Savior... He is our 1st Love!

The TREE amazes me... and the River--that feeds us gives me HOPE! The Savior Jesus Christ love is greater for me than any other can ever give! What a picture of love the bride & the bridegroom.... only when we know Him truly know Him can we come to His throne of Grace & be cleansed & look into our bridegroom's eyes who accepts us for the who we are! He fully knows us.... there are no secrets....

On to the NT, I am still amazed that when Jesus was born, He was placed in a manger (trough, most likely made of wood) He left his Heavenly Throne to be born in a manger.....

Then His earthly "adopted" father was a carpenter.... He was chosen for this task and I am amazed that Jesus grew up with Joseph who would've shared with Him his trade of life.....

Then He DIED on a CROSS (a tree)... there His blood was shed for mine.... He paid the price & bought us that we would accept His sacrifice & BELIEVE..... that He is the SON of GOD!

Thank You God, for your creation! For the TREE! And may I be a "Tree" that bears fruit for You and prospers Your Gospel for YOUR Glory!!!
Check out this song (video) that I have not been able to get enough of this song tonight.... so beautiful & greatly enjoyed watching the "My Hope America' Video in church the other week... you should check it out (on Billy Graham Evangelistic website) Here's the song from that movie:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Truth

Five Minute Friday... Come on over & join in! Five Minute Friday Go.... Truth: My first thoughts on Truth is the task I have in sharing the TRUTH with my kids.... The Truth of a Savior who created this world we live in, the fall of man--when sin entered this world--& God's plan to rescue us by sending His own son to be our Savior. Our world is full of sin, lies & deception..... Satan has power over this world but he can not be everywhere at one time.... He takes claims and feeds us false truths.... and all too often we believe them.... we choose sin instead of life.... even as believers we all too often turn away and because of the desires of the flesh.... it pulls us down.... yes, Satan may have power here but how often does our own "SINFUL nature" step in.... we se the sinful nature even in our children, when they hit, push, lie & are disobedient, in the temper tantrums.... and yes in our ownselves.... we choose to believe the false truths, the deception all too often.... and again... that's why it's so important that we be saturated in God's WORD, where the truth is found and then begin to live it out! The TRUTH Will set you free and our task as mothers is to teach these truths to these small growing children that they too one day may be set free by the TRUTH! That one day the GOSPEL will become real in their lives and they will cling to the Truth that lies within it! God is good! Thank you God for the task you have given me in teaching these precious three children your TRUTH!!! Thank you for your forgiveness where I fail & for your conviction to continue on, clinging more & more to your TRUTH--YOUR Word!!! :)

Trials in Grace

So, it never seems to fail.... when God has me focus on Grace or teaches me something new about Grace or reminds me again how I need to show Grace... It seems like WHAM.... something happens very quickly after these thoughts on grace & but I seem to of already forgotten.... and sometimes i'll even remember some of these thoughts & think, "I need to show grace but also think... I dont want to!" So, that's what happed this past Sat. after working Friday night, i was tired needless to say with a few hours of sleep after work & my husband was stressed out & grouchy.... that wasnt so bad... we had a bday party & it was lots of fun & the day came & went but before bed... tempers began to flare a little.... not bad really but i think in both of our exhaustion..... Grace went right out the window..... GRACE... What is that????? I definately fought the idea of grace.... this week though i've been reminded of Jesus & the Sermon on the Mount when He talked about trying to take the speck out of someone's eye when you have a log in yours.... well that was the case.... It's amazing how one moment you can think things are going pretty good & the next a "fight or flight" in you comes out... & for me it was thoughts of "flight".... not a great place to be really.... Well, even in my husband's sleep as I crawled into bed (determined I would not get in the bed if he hadnt put the sheets on.... but he had & my heart warmed just a little because I really wanted to sleep in my bed!)... He apologized (and this time he wasnt talking in his sleep!) & I did too.... & a NEW day began again... this time with fresh apologies & as the day went along we talked about our thoughts & struggles.... One thing I learned... our crazy & exhausting schedules need a change so that we are laying in the Hands of God & trusting His plan for our family! I struggle with my husbands schedule as he seems to have his hands in everything... with 3-4 jobs including the responsibilities of church.... And I'm thankful as the week has gone by that he has had his cell phone off more than the last few weeks during our evening time as a family! And God is definately working in my heart as well as I learn more to ask, seek & knock.... not for material things but that my life would be conformed to Christ's character... that I would long for Heaven & be a godly wife & mother my family needs me to be! he is showing me my mission field right now is here within my home and though it may be overwhelming at times it's important & He will help me through it!!! Trying to learn to ponder HIS Grace & remember when I'm ready to lash out... look for faults that I'll first see the my own faults & remember the CROSS & how God forgave me & showed me His GRACE!!!! That maybe one day I'll become a woman known for Grace.... One who loves God, His Redemption, my adoption in Him, who ponders on how He CAME from His Heavenly home to save me (US!) & His Love is EVERLASTING! :) God's Redeeming Adoption Comes Everlasting :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

FIVE Minute Friday: GRACE

Here goes: GRACE Grace is one of my favorite words!!! & this year it was labeled early on to be the theme for my year.... my acyromn for the word: GRACE: God's Redeeming Adoption Comes Everlasting I wish I could say it's been a Grace-filled year... it has as far as the Grace God gives me.... but becoming a Grace giver myself has not come naturally and often is forgotten when things don't go my way.... Often when I hear the word Grace, I first twinge thinking... oh, I should of shown Grace, more grace... okay, I need to work on giving grace... why do I too often forget about Grace... the greatest gift ever given to me.... First when Christ came... He left His Heavenly Throne to come and then He Died on a cross.... sinless.... a painful death for me.... Grace... He sacrificed all for me! Praise God for all He has done for me.... May I learn to lavish in His grace and lavish grace on others! May we as a church become known for the Grace that He first bestowed on us! God is good! He loves us so much and has forgiven us of much and He is soooo compassionate with HIS Grace! Do you know His Grace? Have you forgiven.... have you moved forward in Grace..... Grace is given even when our first thought is to hold on to the NO, they dont deserve it.... Yes, we have to let go... not hold on... b/c we too do not deserve the GRACE He freely gives! 5 Minutes is UP!!! Five Minute Friday">

Monday, October 7, 2013

The heart of an "infertile" mother

So, last night my husband & I had a conversation that we have not had in a long time.... as he slept (& snored beside me) & I quietly cried.... I remembered why a good while back I asked him not to talk to me about these things.... & that he needed to talk to his "guy" friends about this, NOT ME... b/c at the time i was not strong enough to hear it and apparently I still am not... Okay, so what in the world about this conversation.... We talked about our kids and desires for our future with them & that led to him talking about his desire to have a son like him "a little bumge".... part of it is his desire from having 2 brothers and what it was like growing up together.... they were rowdy but love each other deeply.... we talked more about this and how we love our kids but how he still has that longing.... it all stemed from hoping our 2.5 year old can have a brother one day.... our girls love each other so much & it is a blessing to watch their bond grow, especially since i know what it's like to have a sister! So what in the world right,we have 3 kids! Despite the blessing of being a mother & father, there is still the struggle of being "infertile"/"barren".... for us it's not necessarily the desire to be able to have kids (b/c God has blessed us through adoption!) but sometimes' its the feelings in dealing w/ the "inability"... for me it's an ongoing struggle, sometimes it's quiet & other times it's raging... God has taught me a lot through His word.... even last night He quieted my soul & mind before I fell asleep with "Rejoice in the Lord always, I was say it again: REJOICE! (Phil. 4:4).... Lately... it has overall been somewhat silent but seems to be a stronger struggle every cycle (which can be totally random, i know tmi, good/bad that it's not always every 28days!).... when late though sometimes, i begin to hope to only be disappointed... i know crazy to think I have hope when we have 3 toddlers now, right!? There are times it is the desire to experience what other women experience.... sometimes it's just seeing blessing after blessing (& i'm a nicu nurse, so i'm surrounded by pregnant women or women who just delivered).... it's hard to sometimes not think.... wow, look, they are so blessed (guess I'm not).... like recently i have friends/family that getting pregnant just seems so easy.... they have a boy & a girl like it's nothing & it's easy to think, wow, they must have it right, have it all figure out---how to live this life & receive blessings..... BUT then I'm reminded, why do you complain? or not feel blessed.... look at your home.... the noise, the music, the laughter.... God has given us more than we could've ever asked for! I have lots of friends who would love to have a "baby" & i have lots of friends who are still waiting for a "spouse"..... So I'm reminded not to look at others & wonder "Why?" BUT instead to Look to God who gives us HOPE.... who gives us BLESSINGS.... & Say..."Thank you".... He desires a heart of gratitude! I think in all reality any of us women who have struggled with infertility (& there are a lot of us!) know this is a road that comes with loss & sometimes it comes often when yet again another cycle comes a long (not to mention the hormones too)... BUT as a BELIEVER.... we need to TRUST this path He has allowed us to walk.... & Cling to His Word, Faithfulness & love! & yes, i'll survive this conversation with my husband.... as he said, "You are my best friend, i can share with you how i feel." & Yes, my husband is my best friend.... & he saw immediately how I shut down & he apologized and gave me his full attention & love! My womb may be barren, but my heart is full... with love from an amazing husband & 3 beautiful curly haired kids! :) THANK YOU GOD for letting me experience motherhood!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Write

So, trying out another 5 minute friday before i head in to work. this week's is about "WRITE".... you should check it out & consider joining in! :) WRITE: I can remember as a young child having an imagination of stories that eventually I began to write on paper. I can remember elementary school papers and a beginning to love writing. My favorite paper in grade school was our English writing paper we had to write during a timed period for the state, I wrote mine on Ruth and her loyalty to Esther & how she came to know God. Then college came & my love for writing had well faded into English papers, research papers, and the all consuming Senior year of nursing with research, etc. Following college, i went straight to seminary where writing changed yet again to a new format, the Turbain (very loved system....) and spent six years writing school papers & reading lots & lots! Finished my 6th year in seminary taking 1/2 of my degree requirements in that year.... needless to say i was ready for a break from reading & writing..... but it wasnt until recently that I fell in love with reading &writing again! And since my imagination has picked up.... who knows maybe one day I'll write that novel or 2 or more from my imagination & it may go somewhere or not... but I hope as I learn to write I can write to the GLORY of God with hopes to direct others to God & to His Word! So thankful for the power in the written WORD, for the strength we alone receive from God's Word! :) Five Minute Friday

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I know a SECRET, shhh..... JOY!

Really, I know a secret..... well, I'm learning a lot about a secret.... that is the secret to being content--having JOY in all things! Ok, so I have thought about this passage in Philippians for a long time lately because we have a song on our scripture cd (SEEDS) that plays a great tune to it: Philippians 4:12-13. I really like it especially since this summer I had turned to Phil. 4:4-13, 20 and it helped me a lot with my anxiety. So, lately I have become too relaxed in my faith.... honestly, I feel like I go through times when I would rather do anything else then spend time in my Bible & journal & truly seek God.... don't get me wrong some of these times, a lot like now, God has been using many things to work on me but there is something lacking when I neglect time in His word! So, I would say I've known this secret for a long time but have at times not been living it out.... THE SECRET to JOY is God's Word: The Bible. As my little girl says, "God's Holy words!" It is the secret to having joy in all circumstances....... when we spend time with Him, He gives us a peace that we can not get from anywhere else & strength & hope that sustains like nothing else can! This past week I've been thinking about this a lot but this weekend as I dwell on this secret, a place to go where there is a wellspring of joy---God's WORD! We need to go to the THRONE OF GRACE and learn from Him & be fed by Him. One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Psalm 1.... I imagine a tree near the Water, roots being fed by the WORD of God. I also sometimes imagine my savior and me, he the bridegroom at this tree and falling in love with Him more, that is how we bear fruit from time with HIM! Too often I can see Him leaning against that tree just waiting for me.... and too often, I'm too busy, distracted, tired, you name it! BUT can you imagine at that tree, being Mary & Gleaning from Him as she did, or being in a embrace holding tight to the Savior, we the bride & Him the bridegroom.... God has given us a picture of LOVE, true & everlasting love.... only in Him can we know Joy in all things (phil. 4:11) So, this passage in Philippians talks about the SECRET, but the Bible itself reveals this secret of JOY, God's Words to us! The bread of life, which sustains us! This particular passage goes deep from talking about circumstances (whatever we face & being content) to talking about knowning how to live with little & with a lot. In being hungry or well fed. Living in abundance or in need! It makes me think of the poor in 3rd world countries who don't know what it is like to have, who are hungry, but those who know Christ, also know a peace, a joy! We all can have this joy when we walk with Christ & are fed on His Word alone. "I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me." Do you know this secret? I'm going to start blogging more about GRACE & JOY! & let you my friends who want to follow my journey hold me accountable in spending time in God's Word! I would like to begin daily being in His Word, mediating & journaling & also working weekly on my scripture memory (through Scripture typer).... It is sooo important to have God's Word on our hearts especially when the circumstances in our lives may be more difficult to walk through & we know these times come and will come again! My anxiety returned some this weekend, it wasn't too bad, but it was very powerful today & that's why I realize today how important again this is because I've neglected my daily study in His word lately! Brad's (my husband) sermon was good tonight & challenged me so that's why I decided to come home & write this challenge! If you keep up with my journey feel free to hold me accountable & to encourage too! I hope you too will be encouraged & jump in your Bibles daily as well! A great tool for memorizing Scripture: I'm in The Romans Project group, but have added my own too (way behind on Romans, but trying to catch up!)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Five-Minute Friday: Red

My first time joining in the blogging group.... you should join too! :) This week's prompt is Red: This past Sunday we joined my friend Lana at a church plant in Whitley City, KY. At the end of the service communion was taken and had been something they had made as a part of their Sunday AM worship service. I've grown up taking communion but it wasn't until I was nineteen when I fully understood what all of it meant when I opened my heart to Jesus and gave my life to Him. That morning was like many other times when the cup was passed we held on to it until the pastor spoke before being directed to drink, "do this in remembrance of me" is what Jesus said that night at the last supper. The "grape juice" in this traditional plastic cup represented so much more, it is a symbol to remember that night but it is also a time to remember the blood that was shed on the cross for our sins. Jesus, lived a perfect life here on earth as man and God in one to ultimately die on a cross as a sacrifice for MY sins, for all of man's sins! His RED blood covers me and washes me to make me whole, white--clean, purified! REDEEMED! That is the ultimate grace, that He lived, died, and rose again! He did all of this for me and for you and we do not deserve it at all because we are sinners and He is HOLY & perfect! But Jesus blood bridged the gap by redeeming what was once lost that we may stand before Him Redeemed, Forgiven! The blood was shed for a purpose! Five Minute Friday

Monday, August 19, 2013


Church: What does it mean to me to be a part of a church? 1st, I think family. I grew up in my mom's families' church, so growing up it always felt like "home" and I loved that I had my aunts & uncles & cousins & more than that as the church grew & i grew up i already felt like i had a family before i even became a believer, but i learned about prayer & it's power especially when I spent Christmas 2002 in China & it was my friends & mostly my "family" (Wilkies Grove Baptist Church) who i knew & felt their prayers! It didnt take me long to become attached to Open Door Baptist church in Raleigh. God used my time there to teach me more about "church family" and Brad & learned a lot through our "care groups" time together & living life with others in the church. It's a big church so we didnt know everyone but it still felt like "home": a family among fellow believers! We are soooo thankful for Pastor Dwayne Milioni not only for his preaching & the staff that supported the church but also for the "pre-engagement/marriage" counseling we received! Brad & I were poured into by others who were also seeking to follow Christ! They lived out the Gospel before us! Now, it didnt take long for Dudley Shoals Baptist Church to feel like "home", even though i miss my other 2 homes, i know if we moved again, i would have 3 "homes" to miss! A few weeks ago, i had this overwhelming feeling that DSBC was "family" and it felt soo good, & that's what I told Brad on the way to church. It's sooo easy to get distracted or to be discouraged even with church but God is really showing me that i have to look past any of this & see HIM, because CHURCH is all about Him, it's all about His Glory! I have a dear friend i've encouraged for a long time to get back in church and recently I can see why it can be easy to fall away from church & maybe not desire to go back, but God is teaching me to look to Him, seek to bring Him glory & love on the church, His family, My family! WE are sooo thankful for everyone @ DSBC, for those who have reached out to us & for those who have loved on us & for those who have welcomed us, epecially our precious children! I know we dont know everyone yet (@least I dont) but i hope with time & opportunity that would change & I also pray that we would be reminded daily what CHURCH means and that it is not about "us". Tonight I read some of one of Brad's books & i was really encouraged as I was reminded that we do not take on church membership to be served and taken care of (like if we joined a club, etc.) but instead we join to serve, to love & even be willing to be last....." (I am a Church Member, Thom S. Rainer). So, what are you seeking from church? What does church mean to you? Do you know the ONE who is the cornerstone, the foundation--JESUS? Are we being "gospel-centered" churches/members? "Gospel" is highly talked about in SBC life right & it is not a fad, but I think many churches today have forgotten or lost the fact that the Gospel is not only the church's purpose & mission, it's what birthed the church--- that is the story of Jesus Christ! God didnt design church for man's glory but for His Glory. It's a place where we as believers work together & support & serve one another & our community in sharing the Gospel! I pray that our churches would all be "gospel-centered"! I pray we will not just be a people who knows God, but one who Loves God and our church family! Because you can know God, but not really "know Him." Romans 1

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Final Visit

Just finished writing a letter for our 2 foster kids birth mom as tomorrow they go for their final visit. No doubt she is nervous, excited & sad. I can't imagine the vast emotions she is feeling. We've been looking forward to this day, as rights have been terminated, no, i dont mean I am excited for her, but it's been a long process for our kids, over 2.5 years (we've only had them 10 months now, but we hope to adopt them soon).... it's never easy on any kid to go through what they've been through. Have you ever stopped to think what it would be like for yourself as a child or as a parent to be seperated from your children. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like for our daughter who has been with us since she was born and who is so close in age to our two foster kids (3 kids with a 16 month age range).... It's heart breaking! Praying that their hearts will be mended & healed by the One True Healer--Our Heavenly Father! So thankful for the love they receive by our families & friends & especially our church family! Our kids have come a long ways in the last 10 months. Big day tomorrow! We are also in the midst of saying we will "miss you" to a dear friend who is going off to college on Friday! we are excited for her but going to miss her tons! She has blessed us sooo much, not just in her helping our family & especially helping me during the hardest times of having 3 little ones, but she has become a dear friend. & more than that, it's her joy, laugh, & excitment she has brought to our youth group at church, to our home as well! We will greatly miss Mandy Annas while she is off in college but sooo thankful for the time God has blessed us with her! God is soooo GOOD all the time!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Winding Down on a Monday night

It seems our Monday evening are starting to have some type of pattern atleast for now..... and no matter what Monday looks like it always seems to be a day of winding down after a busy weekend. Our weekends are guarenteed to be busy from the start.... Most Friday nights, I head out to the hospital to work a 12 hour night shift.... I have to admit they are usually much more fun than I can ever prepare for! I really enjoy my co-workers & I usually always enjoy the families that I have been privileged to get to know! I even had one special family recently bring me a King Size Kit Kat bar thanks to another co-worker telling them about my obession, my addiction! :)
Then the fun begins making it home Sat. am, that is sometimes the hardest, i could so fall asleep on Hwy 321! (so lookout!) Then I usually get to nap, sometimes the day ends in just fun at home family & rest time! Which here lately I love soooo much! But sometimes there is a fun outing to go to as well! Then Sunday's are always crazy but fun too! Yesterday we managed to get to church more than 30 mins early! Now, that was a miracle, especially since we live off of BUMtime! lol Then it never fails we usually are the last to leave as the kids play in the playground or we find ourselves talking.... but this I have become to love more, as I realize my church is more than a church, it has become our family! Friends we can count on.... brothers & sisters in Christ, who truly love & care about us! & we love & care about them! Our church has gone through some major changes over the last year.... some heartache & some growth as well.... but the Holy Spirit has never left, He has been there all along working in the church leaders hearts & with in the congregation to prepare us for such a time of this! Now the head pastorate position is filled & their family has dived right into the life & heart of DSBC. Very exciting times abound! Then all too often we head back to church early on Sunday nights, youth council meetings, etc. Yesterday it was very early for a Children's Water play event & the youth were amazing at helping! & the kids had a blast.... although i think some of our youth leaders had a little more fun! ;) I have come to enjoy being in the youth room on Sunday nights, truthfuly, i always have but now I find it more of a joy as I watch the kids interact and I pray grow in their walk w/ the Lord! Yesterday, Brad had me give my testimony..... & another leader pointed out a fact I've never really thought about but it is such a part of my salvation story! Questions, years of questions that i never asked anyone about salvation.... I just went on claiming to be a Christian, serving even in leadership until God knocked & knocked & I finally understood my questions fully, that i had never truly repented & asked Jesus into my heart & that is what I did one early am at 19 years old! God definately turned my life upside down! I wish my committment was one that you could see a continual growth but it's had a lot of bumps but yet, God keeps teaching & growing me in His grace! :)
Sunday nights are typically no different than the am as we are often the last to leave despite Brad having to get up @ 330 am...... the kids love it! Honestly they shine at church! our oldest seems to be her happiest at church than anywhere else (we've been fostering her & the youngest since Oct. 2012).... then we hurry the kids up to get ready & in to bed!
REST, SLEEP!!! Then Monday am comes.... we have found a good rhythm (will probably get off next week but that's alright) with resting in the evenings & having time at home... usually together! Tonight, brad spent a good time of it mowing our jungle yard! But the kids & I had lots of fun! & they were all off to bed early since nap yet again was not accomplished for one today!
And then tomorrow starts it all over again! This Monday, was a little unusual, one little one made it early into our bed & sleep wasnt that great... & i was up shortly after Brad went to work... figured it was time to get up if I was just going to lay there!
A busy week lies ahead as our youth get ready for a mission trip to Vilas, NC! But it has been a good Monday! :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

GRACE: God's Redeeming Adoption Comes Everlasting (part 1)

Why this title? This I decided on early in the year to make as my theme for 2013, GRACE! & then the acroymn followed. I've leared a lot over the last year about God's Grace! He has been working on me for a long time to understand Grace! But the last year, He has really opened my eyes! Wish I could say I'm oh soooo full of grace, but often I am not & He has shown me that my need for His grace is soooo great! Also, even though I fail time & time again, that He has a desire to for me not only to accept & receive His grace but to also, BE GRACE, be a grace giver...... I've learned just when I think someone doesn't deserve it, that is exactly another reason why GRACE is needed! Oh, how i do not deserve His grace, but He has lavished it on me in abundance! Wouldn't life be so much different if we too, were more like Christ & lavished grace on others!
WHY? for one because we have been REDEEMED! have you ever really thought about that word & what it means & what it means for each of us who have Christ! We have been rescued, reconciled, restored! Our sins, our very life has been atoned for by the blood of Christ! We have been saved by His grace alone! We have been given life--eternal life! The hope & assurance of Heaven! Colossians 1:13-14 "For He has rescued us from teh dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdomof the Son He loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgivness of sins." The debt of our sins has been paid.... we deserved His wrath, condemnation, hell (eternal seperation)....  but instead we have received His redemption... our sin payment has been received in full.... we are forgiven! We were once slaves to sin but now we are free in Christ! We have been promised Life because we are redeemed! PRAISE GOD! There is only one redeemer, His Son, Jesus Christ!
To be continued.......

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Growing Up

Blogging? Why? Well, I've thought about it for a long time, dismissed it or too busy or it seemed to hard to get started! But recently I've read about some blogger's blogging for accountability! & Accountability, I need, so I thought, why not? Why not now?! This may take some time to get use to... so here goes!
Why Growing Up? It's been on my mind a lot the last few weeks! & today i thought that would be a great place to start! So, I didnt realize how torn I was about growing up, growing old.... until we were ready to go to camp with the youth @ DSBC to Snowbird. I was torn between feeling young again and really old, as I became a camp chaperone! I thought back to my days as a youth like it was yesterday.... but was overwhelmed at first that not only was I responsible for the kids as a chaperone but I was old! lol..... oh well.... I did learn, you have to grow up sometime.... it's about time, since we have 3 toddlers! :) But it is good to be young at heart as well.... to remember..... to relate!
I pray as I begin to grow up, not only will I find my way (God's direction!) & figure out what I want to be when I grow up, but that I will grow in HIM! Find true Joy & peace that only comes from a relationship with Him. Lately, I've been living my life in a constant fear & anxiety has too often taken over..... but God is showing me that not only can He heal my anxiety but that He doesnt want me to live a life ruled by anxiety but one that is ruled by peace! His peace! I'm learning how He desires for our hearts to be culitivated by gratitude and for us to truly be thankful! Lately, Philippians 4:4-9 has encouraged me in many ways! Rejoice! Yes, i must grow up.... definately grow up in thankfulness, in knowing my Redeedmer, my grace giver! Next, I'll explain my title.... it's my theme for 2013... GRACE: God's Redeeming Adoption Comes Everlasting!
soooo we will see where this blogging world takes me! Leslie Bumgarner <><