Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunny Day in Our Life!

It has been a great day so far.... had to hurry the girls along (Emma slept til Brad called to say he was on his way home from work @ 9am) & was soooo tired! LOL...... she managed to eat her oatmeal & yogurt & a little more yogurt since she was still hungry by the time he got home & be dressed & ready..... Tony had been ready since before 8 am (although he did hang out with me in my bed while I read the end of Matthew) then we hurried out the door & loaded down the Hyundai with all 5 of us & Trigger! Dropped Trigger off @ the groomer's & then Tony next @ daycare..... (his last day being 2!), then went & picked up the mini-van to only drop it off where it has spent more time in the last 6 weeks than it has at home with our family with hopes that this time when they replace the warranty computer it will work & work without being towed 5 days later (maybe work much longer!!!)..... then i went to vzw to work on turning my old line off.... and the girls had already begged their daddy to go to a playground.... so off to the world of McD's we went & got our early am lunch to carry with us to the rec. We had the BEST time playing & swinging, lots of giggles! Even walked the track & played some duck duck goose, which was more of a high end chase game for the girls & they included their dad in..... i was glad to sit & watch! After spending over an hour playing together we went home & the girls enjoyed a little tv time before going down for a nap!!!! I managed to read my book in the dark while Emma slept hugged up to me.... had a hard time sneaking away b/c she was so sweet! W/ her long eye lashes & sweet cheeks and cute lips..... & snorty nose which was a little stuffy..... i snuck out just before her sister woke & she has managed to entertain herself quietly while the others still sleep.... assuming Brad is now in Tony's room napping, getting only a few hours of sleep will do that to you! & now it is time to go get Trigger & Tony! & figure out what in the world I will feed this family of mine! I should be mopping right now.... i did manage to move the couch & sweep the floor.... so we will see! :)