Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I know a SECRET, shhh..... JOY!

Really, I know a secret..... well, I'm learning a lot about a secret.... that is the secret to being content--having JOY in all things! Ok, so I have thought about this passage in Philippians for a long time lately because we have a song on our scripture cd (SEEDS) that plays a great tune to it: Philippians 4:12-13. I really like it especially since this summer I had turned to Phil. 4:4-13, 20 and it helped me a lot with my anxiety. So, lately I have become too relaxed in my faith.... honestly, I feel like I go through times when I would rather do anything else then spend time in my Bible & journal & truly seek God.... don't get me wrong some of these times, a lot like now, God has been using many things to work on me but there is something lacking when I neglect time in His word! So, I would say I've known this secret for a long time but have at times not been living it out.... THE SECRET to JOY is God's Word: The Bible. As my little girl says, "God's Holy words!" It is the secret to having joy in all circumstances....... when we spend time with Him, He gives us a peace that we can not get from anywhere else & strength & hope that sustains like nothing else can! This past week I've been thinking about this a lot but this weekend as I dwell on this secret, a place to go where there is a wellspring of joy---God's WORD! We need to go to the THRONE OF GRACE and learn from Him & be fed by Him. One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Psalm 1.... I imagine a tree near the Water, roots being fed by the WORD of God. I also sometimes imagine my savior and me, he the bridegroom at this tree and falling in love with Him more, that is how we bear fruit from time with HIM! Too often I can see Him leaning against that tree just waiting for me.... and too often, I'm too busy, distracted, tired, you name it! BUT can you imagine at that tree, being Mary & Gleaning from Him as she did, or being in a embrace holding tight to the Savior, we the bride & Him the bridegroom.... God has given us a picture of LOVE, true & everlasting love.... only in Him can we know Joy in all things (phil. 4:11) So, this passage in Philippians talks about the SECRET, but the Bible itself reveals this secret of JOY, God's Words to us! The bread of life, which sustains us! This particular passage goes deep from talking about circumstances (whatever we face & being content) to talking about knowning how to live with little & with a lot. In being hungry or well fed. Living in abundance or in need! It makes me think of the poor in 3rd world countries who don't know what it is like to have, who are hungry, but those who know Christ, also know a peace, a joy! We all can have this joy when we walk with Christ & are fed on His Word alone. "I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me." Do you know this secret? I'm going to start blogging more about GRACE & JOY! & let you my friends who want to follow my journey hold me accountable in spending time in God's Word! I would like to begin daily being in His Word, mediating & journaling & also working weekly on my scripture memory (through Scripture typer).... It is sooo important to have God's Word on our hearts especially when the circumstances in our lives may be more difficult to walk through & we know these times come and will come again! My anxiety returned some this weekend, it wasn't too bad, but it was very powerful today & that's why I realize today how important again this is because I've neglected my daily study in His word lately! Brad's (my husband) sermon was good tonight & challenged me so that's why I decided to come home & write this challenge! If you keep up with my journey feel free to hold me accountable & to encourage too! I hope you too will be encouraged & jump in your Bibles daily as well! A great tool for memorizing Scripture: I'm in The Romans Project group, but have added my own too (way behind on Romans, but trying to catch up!)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Five-Minute Friday: Red

My first time joining in the blogging group.... you should join too! :) This week's prompt is Red: This past Sunday we joined my friend Lana at a church plant in Whitley City, KY. At the end of the service communion was taken and had been something they had made as a part of their Sunday AM worship service. I've grown up taking communion but it wasn't until I was nineteen when I fully understood what all of it meant when I opened my heart to Jesus and gave my life to Him. That morning was like many other times when the cup was passed we held on to it until the pastor spoke before being directed to drink, "do this in remembrance of me" is what Jesus said that night at the last supper. The "grape juice" in this traditional plastic cup represented so much more, it is a symbol to remember that night but it is also a time to remember the blood that was shed on the cross for our sins. Jesus, lived a perfect life here on earth as man and God in one to ultimately die on a cross as a sacrifice for MY sins, for all of man's sins! His RED blood covers me and washes me to make me whole, white--clean, purified! REDEEMED! That is the ultimate grace, that He lived, died, and rose again! He did all of this for me and for you and we do not deserve it at all because we are sinners and He is HOLY & perfect! But Jesus blood bridged the gap by redeeming what was once lost that we may stand before Him Redeemed, Forgiven! The blood was shed for a purpose! Five Minute Friday