Friday, September 5, 2014

Five Minutes Friday: Whisper

The joys of living in a home where both my husband and I work nights.... he gets up @ 330 am Mon.-Fri.  And I work minimally 12 hour nighshifts... needless to say someone is always napping.... we do a lot of Shushing.... shush... to our 3 preschoolers.... speaking Quietly much less the word "Whisper" seems to not be heard by them.... Ha! Usually quiet the opposite!!!

As an adult though we need to have time in God's word to hear His whisper.... to hear His still quiet voice!!!! We need to be constantly whispering prayers to The God we trust.... I think all too often I am weak in my faith in God because I neglect His Word and neglect talking to Him through constant prayers and quietly listening.... welcoming His ever presence!!! He promises to never leave me!!!! Let's challenge one another to cling to HIM!!!

Official 1st week of preschool: D

This has been a overall good week.... First day was wild with whining kids but they have not only gotten better at their High 5 morning routines but have impressed their momma teacher with what learning! We worked on the letter D and lots of dinosaurs.... even learned dinosariuro in Spanish.... and added a new C word and dia for day plus all three doing good with other words from summer. Our group time went well most days and we had brad here during some of it. Tony is catching up with girls on songs and pledge... and Emma said let me do our verse without help and she recited Psalm 37:4 all by herself and Z and T almost have it... D: Delight... Our verse song was ok as CD was scratched but we still had fun learning.... today was a good reminder for me to look to God when overwhelmed and stressed and to delight in Him!  Started something new with individual time to get ready for using trays as soon as they arrive.... we have done lacing cards, math, coloring, size sort, patterns, cut n paste, do a dot D, read lots of D books, cutting practice, letter manipulative, Pattern blocks to form D, handwriting practice-#3, Dd, and oval shape, letter hunt in story and lots more... lots of outside play too!
I planned for 3 days giving the girls 6 activities each day and Tony did most of LOTW work just not the K4 work.... And decided to have a home day today which has been great for this road runner!!! We did group time this am and played art after.... lots of watercolor done, then Emma played Kindergarten games on computer and Z painted both hands forever (totally reminded me of hunger games... She might be on to something... that's a talent... body art.. ha!) While Tony cut up paper tile they decided to work together! Giving me time to work on next week's lessons....

Quiet time for girls now and nap time for Tony.... 1st week down! YEAH!!!! So thankful for all support and encouragement others have given me! Pressing on to E.... needless to say we have an E who is excited!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Fill

Five Minute Friday: prompt: Fill
Joining up with this group....  5 minutes... go!

My first thoughts are on how I need to be daily filled with God's word? All too often I am too busy or it is not a priority.... Why? When I know it is the secret to life.... to JOY!!!! Its my guide book..... I let myself become distracted by the world.... things I love more..... but then I look no different than the world around me!!! So I need help. Slaying these dragon's of idols I cling to over Worshiping God!!! I have the Holy Spirit.... I need others to encourage... and point me to His word!!! We all do!!

If you could fill a jar up, what would it be? For me I always come to GRACE.... God has given me so much GRACE.... and if I want to look more like Him... then I need to be handing out GRACE every chance I can.... I need to learn to breathe in Grace and breathe GRACE out!!! I need to see the urgency of a lost and dying world before me and take His Grace and Truth out by speaking and living it out!!!!  I need to preach the Gospel to myself daily... hourly... and proclaim it out to others!

I pray in God's grace we will all live out this Grace filled life that glows by the truths of the Gospel!!! That daily we will walk to look more like Jesus and be filled by the Holy Spirit!!!! To hold one another comfort, encourage, and fill each other with Hope-that is only known in Christ!!! LIVING out the changed hope perspective!!!
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Belong

So joining up with Lisa Jo Baker again with all the writers on her 5 min. Friday... Where she gives you s prompt & you write for 5 mins. Check it out....
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BELONG.... GO...

This is a loaded word for me tonight as it reminds me of my thoughts this week..... First it brings to mind my friend Betsy whose service I attended this week! I tell everyone she was unique.... Betsy belonged to many of us through her friendship & love but she #1 belonged to God.... She was herself & wasn't always trying to fit in or impress... . she stood out but she belonged to God & that was evident in life she lived & now she fully knows that belonging!!!!

I also learned this week that I want to be more like her.... To worry less about trying to look like everyone else but to enjoy #1 the WHO I belong to.... To live life as a daughter of God & to give to others by living out His Gospel & Grace!

I too often struggle with wants especially housing but I am once again reminded of my need to trust Him & be thankful for all He has given.... To not aim for stuff of this world but strive for the things they are eternal!!! Need to constantly remember who I belong to & trust Him!

Because of Christ I belong.... Nothing else really matters!!!!

Done. 5 min. Friday.... #fiveminutefriday
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Perspective on Hope changed! Lessons on Joy!

So, last night I started watching a new Bible Study series on Right Now Media (something our church has linked up for members, LOVE it!!!!) called, DNA of Joy (by Greg Surratt).....I had been challenged earlier that night by a blog written in memory of this lady's friend:

Here's a quote that CHALLENGED me from the mother of 15 who is now mourned by her husband & 15 children:
"I am a testimony to God being able to do FAR greater than we could think to ask for. I spent a lot of time depressed and discouraged as a young mother so it is hilarious and redemptive that God would use me now to shout out: motherhood is a really, really JOYFUL thing. Not a picnic, but leading to a banquet. You CAN be a joyful mother of children. Traumatized children, sick children, goof-ball children, less-than-perfect-but-each-delightful children. Children need mothers, strong and joyful mothers who know who their God is. I am not much of a 'how to' girl but more of a 'Who to.' Follow the Lamb wherever He goes versus 'How to fix everything in your life in 100 easy lessons.'"
- Jenny Groothius

So this quote challenged me because I have greatly struggled with depression these early years of being a mom and struggled with discouragement in trying to raise 3 little's! (Praise God He has sent MANY to encourage me! and His presence continually pulls me to draw near to Him & know Him!) So, my word for the year is suppose to be JOY..... well, i haven't continually struggled with depression this year, but it has crept in & so has discouragement often..... and JOY, what's that.... to truly live a life JOY-filled & enjoy my precious babies! One thing I also got out of this blog is my need to abandon selfishness & LOVE my husband fully (not naturally romantic or lovey dovey.... so what would that look like if I tried more, my husband would LOVE it & the kids could see a picture of a love worth waiting for..... right! & He is to come before the kids anyways, & God before that!) Only through God can I know JOY in my marriage, my kids, my everyday life and relationships with others! So, I need to stop worrying all about the "How to's" like I tend to do & LOOK to the "Who to" & then I can draw strength from the Father and abide in His joy through all things!

So, how has my perspective on HOPE changed..... So after listening to this, I looked up some favorite verses. 1-Psalm 42:5 & 43:5 (heard by John Piper recently) ".... Put your hope in God, for I will still praise Him, My Savior & My God."   Great verses to remind myself when discouraged or afraid or down.... to HOPE (In GOD!!!-- i think i missed that part a little bit the other week when I heard it!)

2014 Verse for JOY: "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: REJOICE!!!" Philippians 4:4 (this BS, DNA of Joy is from Philippians)

2014 Song about JOY: Hail the King by The Citizens (Song from Romans 5)
Romans 5 is powerful chapter in the Bible! You should read it!
Verse two: "We rejoice in the Hope of the Glory of God!" Do we rejoice in this hope? Do we continuously rejoice always (Phil. 4:4)? I struggle with that.... when things don't go my way.... I get frustrated.... its normal sometimes but seriously sometimes I wallow in it.....

ok.... so most of you know I have struggled with infertility for years (i have called myself the infertile momma! b/c I am the mother of 3 beautiful children through the gift of adoption!) I use to & recently went through this again, be so frustrated with the hope of conception b/c i felt like if i had no hope, I could move on and not desire it anymore and not be disappointed when each cycle came along......

And, that's what began to slowly happen..... yes, i was still disappointed with each cycle but I began to long a little less with time..... THEN, we got pregnant & got to enjoy the JOY of it for 2 days to find out I was 7.5 weeks with an empty sac & full miscarriage happened the following week...... So, God walked us through all of that.... I got my hopes up even more than before..... So we decided to REALLY try..... then it all started again, the irregular cycles, the not knowing, the disappointing negative pregnancy tests and for a few days this past week, I was a little mad @ God b/c of this thing called hope & I struggled to trust Him (and not consider Romans 5:4-5)..... I just wish I didn't have this hope and wish He hadn't increased it through the miscarriage..... BUT i have been reminded what a blessing it was to be pregnant & experience all of that even if it ended up in a miscarriage..... I knew before the test but b/c of lack of trust, I refused to take the test!?!

So, after hearing this BS video clips & reading God's Word, I gleaned a new perspective on HOPE, I was hoping for something earthly.... I was hoping for God to fulfill my earthly desires, for God to bring about my plans.... but we all know His plans are greater!!!!! So, Lord, Help me as I learn to take JOY & HOPE IN YOU Alone! May my Joy be founded in Hoping in YOU & trusting You & Your plans for my life! Help me to instill this kind of JOY & HOPE in my kids! So we can rejoice together! For God's Word says, "This HOPE will NOT Disappoint because God's Love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us!" (Romans 5:5)

That's it, when I got it..... "This HOPE will NOT Disappoint!!!" Praise God!!!! He loves us soooo much! & that is why I Can fully "Rejoice in the HOPE of the GLORY of GOD!"
Praying you see a changed momma, one filled with HIS JOY!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter A is done!!!

Yeah, we finished Letter A.... it felt like we have reviewed the letter A from week 1, (this is week 3). We have had a BIG A & little a up with the word, "Attitude" & a bible verse that we talked about every week.... the kids have down the word ATTITUDE, lol. Tonight on way home from urgent care, Zariah heard someone say it on the radio & she yelled it out how we said it at home! :)
I have learned a lot this week and have enjoyed seeing the kids pick up retention. I am also learning that they may not get it all now & I just have to stick to it! Emma has learned our one spanish word well, "Avion" (Sp?) for Airplane, we have had fun with that one...... Zariah has amazed me with her cutting skills and she is the best at tracing & has a desire to learn how to write her name. Tony well, he is here..... he gets excited some but is easily distracted.

Basically we are doing mostly preschool activities with some K4 activities added in every day now for girls. Lacing cards was a hit this week so we will see how it goes this coming week. We did A Mon.-thurs. last week & finished up today with a cute "A" Alligator craft for our ABC book. :) Kids loved doing this & putting on the googley eyes....
We have four days planned out for B. Since splitting kids up more, we are doing less group time, but kids sometimes want to do that in the middle of day or even @ dinner with daddy! :) & I hope to get a regular routine of doing this & their weekday notebooks atleast 2-3 times a week, but I also realize it is SUMMER, so we are not going to do but so much a day!
Reading use to be the #1 activity in our day, then our house was turned upside down with many kids! BUT today during nap time for Tony (since girls slept til 10, i didn't give them a quiet time) we read for about 30+ mins. different books and was lots of fun! Then silly girls decided to hop in bed together to play kindle for a quiet time on their own, lasted 20-30 mins. til they were mad at each other. & of course Tony was up by this point but got a few good things done!

Today was a great day for outside time! They had to clean girls room & LR play area before going out the second time (had play time before school first) & that took forever..... but they finally buckled down & got it done..... We also took a walk down road together to see horses, no horses though :( in pastures near us & we were hot so we walked back home!

Looking forward to starting B tomorrow! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moving along....... with Homeschooling.....

Week 2 went well on our trial run of homeschooling..... technically did 4 days (Had a field day on day 5) & one day the next week....  then we had days off for the girls to go to a 3 day dance camp with a sleepover @ Mama Debbie's as well.....

Week 2 we reviewed Numbers, Shapes & Colors.

Now as we move ahead, I have been torn how best to teach the kids and decided to step back from the K4 program and use a preschool program.... but the more I prepared it the more I decided to include K4 materials for girls with plans to possibly do majority K4 with girls soon and use the preschool stuff for Tony. I feel like we have a lot planned out for this week but you know how plans can go.....
We will still do our group time, and this week I will introduce notebooks that they will have daily & weekly stuff to do. And then I have planned out 5 mostly individual activities for everyday..... this is what will take me most time figuring out as when I give each kid something to do and when they all need one momma! Granted, I see the pluses in having kids so close in age but I also haven't found a lot of help in dealing with planning our schooling/day with this as most of the parenting help books talks to families with at least year gaps+ in their kids ages.

This week is going to be challenging because we also have VBS all week too..... so kids will probably be tired everyday as we tend to be one of the last families to leave church.... (their daddy will be tired too, with 330 am alarm clock!)..... I hope to take kids swimming @least once as well..... and maybe visit with a friend!

Well, for the most part I am ready to start, everything is all printed out, have a few things to laminate & cut and this week will all be ready! (Monday is ready to go!) And I am excited as we are going to try to start the weekly ABC's letter art projects too at the end of the week! Hoping to get at least 3 weeks down before taking next break, camp & swim lessons! :)

So thankful for all the support we have been given!