Friday, September 5, 2014

Five Minutes Friday: Whisper

The joys of living in a home where both my husband and I work nights.... he gets up @ 330 am Mon.-Fri.  And I work minimally 12 hour nighshifts... needless to say someone is always napping.... we do a lot of Shushing.... shush... to our 3 preschoolers.... speaking Quietly much less the word "Whisper" seems to not be heard by them.... Ha! Usually quiet the opposite!!!

As an adult though we need to have time in God's word to hear His whisper.... to hear His still quiet voice!!!! We need to be constantly whispering prayers to The God we trust.... I think all too often I am weak in my faith in God because I neglect His Word and neglect talking to Him through constant prayers and quietly listening.... welcoming His ever presence!!! He promises to never leave me!!!! Let's challenge one another to cling to HIM!!!


  1. Just like your preschoolers, we as adults can dwell in the noise of the world around us and forget that we need to be quiet sometimes so we can hear God's voice..Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Welcoming his presence... yes, that's where I am today. Thanks for your encouraging words.