Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter A is done!!!

Yeah, we finished Letter A.... it felt like we have reviewed the letter A from week 1, (this is week 3). We have had a BIG A & little a up with the word, "Attitude" & a bible verse that we talked about every week.... the kids have down the word ATTITUDE, lol. Tonight on way home from urgent care, Zariah heard someone say it on the radio & she yelled it out how we said it at home! :)
I have learned a lot this week and have enjoyed seeing the kids pick up retention. I am also learning that they may not get it all now & I just have to stick to it! Emma has learned our one spanish word well, "Avion" (Sp?) for Airplane, we have had fun with that one...... Zariah has amazed me with her cutting skills and she is the best at tracing & has a desire to learn how to write her name. Tony well, he is here..... he gets excited some but is easily distracted.

Basically we are doing mostly preschool activities with some K4 activities added in every day now for girls. Lacing cards was a hit this week so we will see how it goes this coming week. We did A Mon.-thurs. last week & finished up today with a cute "A" Alligator craft for our ABC book. :) Kids loved doing this & putting on the googley eyes....
We have four days planned out for B. Since splitting kids up more, we are doing less group time, but kids sometimes want to do that in the middle of day or even @ dinner with daddy! :) & I hope to get a regular routine of doing this & their weekday notebooks atleast 2-3 times a week, but I also realize it is SUMMER, so we are not going to do but so much a day!
Reading use to be the #1 activity in our day, then our house was turned upside down with many kids! BUT today during nap time for Tony (since girls slept til 10, i didn't give them a quiet time) we read for about 30+ mins. different books and was lots of fun! Then silly girls decided to hop in bed together to play kindle for a quiet time on their own, lasted 20-30 mins. til they were mad at each other. & of course Tony was up by this point but got a few good things done!

Today was a great day for outside time! They had to clean girls room & LR play area before going out the second time (had play time before school first) & that took forever..... but they finally buckled down & got it done..... We also took a walk down road together to see horses, no horses though :( in pastures near us & we were hot so we walked back home!

Looking forward to starting B tomorrow! :)

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