Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moving along....... with Homeschooling.....

Week 2 went well on our trial run of homeschooling..... technically did 4 days (Had a field day on day 5) & one day the next week....  then we had days off for the girls to go to a 3 day dance camp with a sleepover @ Mama Debbie's as well.....

Week 2 we reviewed Numbers, Shapes & Colors.

Now as we move ahead, I have been torn how best to teach the kids and decided to step back from the K4 program and use a preschool program.... but the more I prepared it the more I decided to include K4 materials for girls with plans to possibly do majority K4 with girls soon and use the preschool stuff for Tony. I feel like we have a lot planned out for this week but you know how plans can go.....
We will still do our group time, and this week I will introduce notebooks that they will have daily & weekly stuff to do. And then I have planned out 5 mostly individual activities for everyday..... this is what will take me most time figuring out as when I give each kid something to do and when they all need one momma! Granted, I see the pluses in having kids so close in age but I also haven't found a lot of help in dealing with planning our schooling/day with this as most of the parenting help books talks to families with at least year gaps+ in their kids ages.

This week is going to be challenging because we also have VBS all week too..... so kids will probably be tired everyday as we tend to be one of the last families to leave church.... (their daddy will be tired too, with 330 am alarm clock!)..... I hope to take kids swimming @least once as well..... and maybe visit with a friend!

Well, for the most part I am ready to start, everything is all printed out, have a few things to laminate & cut and this week will all be ready! (Monday is ready to go!) And I am excited as we are going to try to start the weekly ABC's letter art projects too at the end of the week! Hoping to get at least 3 weeks down before taking next break, camp & swim lessons! :)

So thankful for all the support we have been given!

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